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Established in 2013 and based out of Boise, Idaho, TatDaddy Clothing Co. was started by a “stay at home” Tattooed Dad. Caught up in the last global recession that affected almost all of us, he was forced to sacrifice everything to keep the family together while progressing. Home schooling and changing shitty diapers was the new game BUT he held his own and kept pushing forward.

 One day, working with almost nothing but the love of family, art, and business, the owner started Hustlin’! He formulated a plan to make a living with something he was passionate about…..Fashion, Art, and Business. Mixing his knowledge with his passions, he created the name “TatDaddy” and hit the Internet waves through Social Media. With kick ass content and a witty attitude, his fan base grew and he socially took off. He quickly followed up with a Clothing Line that was art driven and tattoo inspired.

Today, the TatDaddy Clothing Co. is well known across the globe for its high quality apparel and top notch customer service. Come see why!